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about me

Kim Sherry is a fourth-generation Alaskan who lives in Anchorage, along with her husband, two beautiful daughters, and a house and yardful of unruly pets.


Born in Anchorage, Kim spent the first 18 years of her life in the remote Alaska village of King Salmon – located in the Bristol Bay Region. While attending Bristol Bay High School, she had the opportunity to travel to many Alaska villages through the school’s sports and activities programs. Kim found each small community, from tiny South Naknek to bustling Anchorage filled with extraordinary people who had a profound connection to the land and each other.   


After graduating from a class of 18 in 1995, Kim entered the University of Southern California. While earning a degree in psychology, she took a basic art class where she was introduced to charcoal sketching.  Kim found charcoals to be a very challenging and fun medium and they piqued her interest.


Kim has spent years experimenting with acrylic paints, pen&ink illustrations and watercolors.  From one extreme to the other; monochrome to multiple bursting colors.



Kim released her first children's book in May of 2012 ‘Raven’s Friends: Alaska Animals Far and Wide’ and her second volume of the same series, ‘Raven’s Friends: Tails Along Alaska’s Trails’ became available June of 2013.

Kim's favorite kind of art is creating custom pet portraits to the delight of many happy customers, using watercolor and masking fluid to create unique and fun pieces.

During the pandemic, Kim also gained a new obsession and appreciate for making French Macarons. She sees these petit baked goods as a fun, new life challenge.  They are little pieces of art in themselves.


Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out Kim's current work in the 

Pet Portrait pages!

Kim also tries to keep a foodie blog going every once and a while - check it out - . :-)

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