• Kim Sherry

It's National Salad Month!

As a family, we try to have at least on 'Big Salad' night a week. We set out all the salad toppings and accompaniments we have and everyone gets to make their own special salad.

Let me give you an example of one of my favorite 'Big Salad' night salads:

Big Salad with Crispy Chicken and Ranch Dressing


  • Lots of Lettuce (Romaine, Iceberg, Mixed Greens - whatever you like)

  • Fresh chopped tomatoes

  • Sliced cucumbers

  • Small Bite-size Broccoli pieces

  • Chopped Chicken Tenders (from your local grocery or from frozen)

  • Chopped Hard Boiled Egg

  • Handful of Croutons

  • Handful of Cube Cheese (your choice)

  • Your favorite Ranch Dressing

Notice there are no actual measurements here. It is because you can custom make a salad with what you like, and however much of it you like. That is the beautiful thing about a BIG SALAD!

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