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It's Stress Awareness Month

Do you know the signs of when you are stressed? Take a moment to realize when you are stressed and what you can do to destress and relax.

Deep, Cleansing Breath

"Sometimes all you need to release stress from your shoulders, back, or the rest of your body is a few big, cleansing breaths.3 Breathe in deeply through your nose, and take in as much air as you comfortably can. Then release it, and really focus on emptying your lungs. (Many people hold air in their lungs after an exhale, so emptying your lungs on a deep exhale can help you to get more fresh oxygen into them.) Repeat this breathing exercise for a few breaths and release the tension in your back, your shoulders, and anywhere else it tends to reside."

*Excerpt from Elizabeth Scott, PhD

Or how about a walk in the woods or workout at the gym?

Does baking make you destress? It works for me.

It's a good day to take note of our what our bodies are telling us and make changes to destress if even for just a moment in our lives.

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